12 March 2011

Let's watch movies and get famous!

The Royal Natal Yacht Club recently organised Friday evening talks that were attended by many members and both talks were interesting and entertaining.

One was Christ Frost's feedback talk on the Cape to Rio race in which his yacht Prodigy took line honours.

Another was a presentation by Tony Bullimore - a top international yachtsman - who spoke about his experiences in the 1996 Vendee Globe single handed around-the-world race when his boat the Exice Dhallenger capsized and Tony was trapped under the boat for five days before being rescued.

While considering what Point Yacht club could do to similarly entertain its members young and old, Tempest had the idea of arranging a series of sailing-related movies in the new "youth room" on the ground level of the PYC club house.   Afterwards the oldies can go up to the pub while the younger set can tidy up their room  :)

Ideas for movies: 

This list was compiled from various sources but mainly from a list compiled by JohnYawl at yachtpals.com.  John added ratings, plot lines, actors etc - a fantastic source so this is the "short version":

A High Wind in Jamaica
Adventures in Paradise
Adventures On the High Seas
Against All Flags
All the Brothers Were Valiant
Alone Across the pacific
And the sea will tell
Anne of the Indies
Anything to Survive
Blackbeard the Pirate
Botany Bay
Cabin Boy
Captain Blood
Captain Courageious
Captain Horatio Hornblower
Captain Jack
Captain James Cook
Captain Kidd
Captain Ron
Captain Sirocco
Captains Courageous
Cassandras Dream
Cassandra's Dream
Charlie St. Cloud
Charlie St. Cloud
Christopher Columbus
Cutthroat Island
Damn the Defiant!
Dead Calm
Deep Water
Desperate Journey: The Allison Wilcox story
Down To The Sea In Ships
Drake’s Venture
Eric the Viking
Horatio Hornblower
Hot Pursuit
I Sailed to Tahiti With an All-Girl Crew.
Jason and the Argonauts
John Paul Jones
Knife in the Water (Noz w wodzie)
Lucky Lady
Master and Commander
Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World
Message in a Bottle
Midnight Crossing
Moby Dick
Morning Light
Mutiny on the Bounty
Mysterious Island
Nate and Hayes
Old Ironsides
Open Waters
Open Waters II
Pirate of the Black Hawk
Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
Pirates of Tortuga
Plymouth Adventure
Reap the Wild Wind
Riddle of the Sands
Sail To Glory
Saps at Sea
Sea Devils
Sea Warriors: The Royal Navy in the Age of Sail
Sea Wolf
Seven Seas to Calais
Sinbad Movies
Souls at Sea
Summer Rental
Survive the Savage Sea
Swallows and Amazons
Swiss Family Robinson
The Adventures of Captain Fabian
The Adventures of Long John Silver
The African Queen
The Black Pirate
The Black Swan
The Bounty
The Buccaneer
The Buccaneers
The Crimson Pirate
The Cruel Sea
The Dove
The Dove
The Lady From Shanghai
The Long Ships
The Man Without a Country
The Master of Ballantrae
The Navigator
The Norseman
The Odyssey
The Old Man and the Sea
The Onedin Line
The Sailor from Gibraltar
The Sea Gypsies
The Sea Hawk
The Skipper
The Vikings
The Wakiest Ship in the army
The World in His Arms
Top Sailing
Treasure Island
Twilight for the Gods
Two Years Before the Mast
Violets are Blue
Wackiest Ship in the Army
Wake of the Red Witch
White Squall
Wind in the Willows
Yankee Buccaneer

Perhaps watching and talking about sailing movies would inspire closet home-movie makers to start aiming their cameras at boats in local regattas.  It seems more than likely that the great saiilng footage produced by Evgeni Tashkin while sailing on the Energy Diet trimaran is going to end up in a film about the expedition to be made in Russia.  So nothing is impossible!

Now:  How to present this idea to the PYC flag officers and get some action ...

01 March 2011

Paperwork is also important

Saturday 26 February 2011
Henley Midmar 9-Hour Regatta

Not sailing today but working at the regatta:  Helping with registrations and later in the day, a couple of sessions of taking down sail numbers and times as the boats passed by the yacht club jetty.

One lap down, maaaaaany to go!

It was great working within a dedicated team - run by Jean Wagner - and to get a glimpse of what makes it possible once all the shouting is done to hand out trophies to the winning boats.

Wouldn't mind doing more of this kind of work and thereby contributing to my clubs (HMYC and PYC).  It is pleasant and challenging in itself but one also picks up tips that would be useful when racing. 

What a stunning day it was and how good to get away from the Desktop.  At one point I was writing down sail numbers and a boat came past with on its sail the number 000.  I wan't sure what to write down.  "I guess that would be Google without the Ggle" I said.  That's when I realised that I was perhaps spending a bit too much time on the web ...

14 February 2011

Follow that boat

This is cool!

Been trying to combine efforts with the webmaster of Energy Diet to supply the tri's latest coordinates on the web as soon as it became available.  Since the guys want to limit SAT SMSs it would be preferable to send the coords to one number only from where it can easily be picked up by others.   Roman has now introduced me to the site:


This seems perfect for recording the position of  a boat with a symbol as well as coordinates, recording all details of the track online.  Even comments.

There must be similar sites - which ones do you prefer?


17 January 2011

01 December 2010

01 November 2010

Yacht Delivery: Vilanculos - Durban

"Genevieve Too" - Knysna 440

This was the perfect delivery.  Fantastic skipper, galley fully stocked by the owners and everything on the boat was working.

With just two of us on the boat the watches were a bit tough but after a couple of days one adjusts to the tiredness and learn to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

It was on this delivery that I learnt to use SSB and heard about the peri-peri network run by Roy Coock - I'm looking forward to meeting him soon! This is a fantastic service in many ways.  We tuned in to the network every day at 7 am and 5 pm to get weather updates and also learned about the two French guys who got into trouble.  On comparing coordinates we discovered that our boats were virtually next to each other, although we never actually spotted them.  On calling up, we learnt that back-up batteries had already been delivered to them and that they did not actually need further assistance at that point. 

Skipper Gareth and I did however help another boat, "Imagine" when their water pump gave up the ghost and they had to be towed between Vilanculos and Benguerra.  It was interesting for me to see how a halter was built between the two boats to ensure a safe towing.

"Genevieve Too" anchored off Benguerra, Mozambique

Feathered friend spotted on the beach at Benguerra:

 "I wandered lonely as a cloud ... "

01 September 2010

Heineken Regatta

"Bellissima" -Hanse

03 August 2010

Wednesday Night Racing - Crew

"Bellissima" - Hanse

01 August 2010

Boat Management Apprenticeship

"Faraway" - Clipper

01 July 2010

Sailing Course: Day-Skipper

Offshore Sailing Academy, Durban

01 April 2010

Richards Bay - Durban

"Faraway" - Clipper

22 January 2010

Yacht Delivery: Richards Bay - Durban - Cape Town

"Rigolarita II" - Beneteau

07 January 2010

Sailing Workshops towards Coastal Skipper Ticket

Organised by Theuns Nel, run by Werner

Durban - Richards Bay - Durban Mileage Trip


The trip back to Durban from Richars Bay was my first passage as skipper, under instructor Werner's watchful eye.  He also allowed me to connect my inverter to the boat's batteries so that I could experiment with my new gadget:  a GPS aerial that turns your laptop into a chart plotter. 

 Part of the mileage trip drill - looting the shops for provisions

"Look Ma, no fish!"

At the helm of "Pursuit" .......


... while crew mates Linda and hubby prepare for their next watch

06 January 2010

Boat Purchase

"Miranda" - Mirror

Delivery: Zhoushan, China - Langkawi

Sunsail Delivery: "Bamba" - Leopard 36

This was it:  The horror delivery.  Some day I will be able to tell the story.  I remember practicing the SOS signal with my headlamp in case another boat came close enough to see. 

My scribble in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Guest Book 

To balance this horror, nature gave me awe. 

Not many pictures manage to capture the beauty out on the deep sea, but to me, this one comes close:  

And maybe this one, taken very early one morning, the nav lights still on:

Hong Kong was awesome - sailing into its harbour was like sailing onto another planet in the year 70000.

It was at Hong Kong's time square that I saw the ultimate piano - sailing on a starboard tack!

03 January 2010

Boat Purchase

"Tempest" - Laser

Durban - Richards Bay - Durban


Been crewing on this lovely cat since 2010 and seeing all sorts of interesting things - like the tops of everyone's heads.  This day's chores included changing the deck-light and fitting new lazy-jacks. 

The perfect crew diet:  leave them up there for a few days! 

12 December 2009

Sailing Course: Competent Crew

Ocean Sailing Academy, Cape Town

My two crew mates were from Cape Town and went home after training so for a week I had the boat to myself after hours, berthed at the V&A Waterfront.   

Living on a boat by oneself - you have the grace of solitude but is never alone.
Because boats have a soul, you know.

11 December 2009

"ZAP" - L34

Wednesday Night Racing - Crew

01 July 2009

MSC Regatta 2009

"Desiré" - L26

02 January 2009

"Container World" - L26

Wednesday Night Racing - Crew.
NSRI Barrel Race - Crew.

 NSRI Barrel Race - 2009

It was at the function and prize-giving after this race that I bid on the deck-hand course donated by the NSRI.  What a good investment that was!!!

02 July 2008

MSC Regatta 2008

"DesirĂ©" -  L26