01 March 2011

Paperwork is also important

Saturday 26 February 2011
Henley Midmar 9-Hour Regatta

Not sailing today but working at the regatta:  Helping with registrations and later in the day, a couple of sessions of taking down sail numbers and times as the boats passed by the yacht club jetty.

One lap down, maaaaaany to go!

It was great working within a dedicated team - run by Jean Wagner - and to get a glimpse of what makes it possible once all the shouting is done to hand out trophies to the winning boats.

Wouldn't mind doing more of this kind of work and thereby contributing to my clubs (HMYC and PYC).  It is pleasant and challenging in itself but one also picks up tips that would be useful when racing. 

What a stunning day it was and how good to get away from the Desktop.  At one point I was writing down sail numbers and a boat came past with on its sail the number 000.  I wan't sure what to write down.  "I guess that would be Google without the Ggle" I said.  That's when I realised that I was perhaps spending a bit too much time on the web ...

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