06 January 2010

Delivery: Zhoushan, China - Langkawi

Sunsail Delivery: "Bamba" - Leopard 36

This was it:  The horror delivery.  Some day I will be able to tell the story.  I remember practicing the SOS signal with my headlamp in case another boat came close enough to see. 

My scribble in the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Guest Book 

To balance this horror, nature gave me awe. 

Not many pictures manage to capture the beauty out on the deep sea, but to me, this one comes close:  

And maybe this one, taken very early one morning, the nav lights still on:

Hong Kong was awesome - sailing into its harbour was like sailing onto another planet in the year 70000.

It was at Hong Kong's time square that I saw the ultimate piano - sailing on a starboard tack!

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