01 November 2010

Yacht Delivery: Vilanculos - Durban

"Genevieve Too" - Knysna 440

This was the perfect delivery.  Fantastic skipper, galley fully stocked by the owners and everything on the boat was working.

With just two of us on the boat the watches were a bit tough but after a couple of days one adjusts to the tiredness and learn to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

It was on this delivery that I learnt to use SSB and heard about the peri-peri network run by Roy Coock - I'm looking forward to meeting him soon! This is a fantastic service in many ways.  We tuned in to the network every day at 7 am and 5 pm to get weather updates and also learned about the two French guys who got into trouble.  On comparing coordinates we discovered that our boats were virtually next to each other, although we never actually spotted them.  On calling up, we learnt that back-up batteries had already been delivered to them and that they did not actually need further assistance at that point. 

Skipper Gareth and I did however help another boat, "Imagine" when their water pump gave up the ghost and they had to be towed between Vilanculos and Benguerra.  It was interesting for me to see how a halter was built between the two boats to ensure a safe towing.

"Genevieve Too" anchored off Benguerra, Mozambique

Feathered friend spotted on the beach at Benguerra:

 "I wandered lonely as a cloud ... "

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